Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Crochet heart garlands

I was being a busy little bee in last couple days! Worked on Valentines day items mainly and started to go to the collage on a course again. This is my 3rd on here in England, I really like it. At the moment I'm doing Business Administration entry level one.

Craft wise was working on some pink and red heart garlands, bunting. I still don't know whats the difference between the two things. Can someone enlighten me?  :D Silly from me not to know.. but oh well..

So here is some pictures of the garlands in making...

Don`t have pictures form the red ones at the moment but will be upload later.

The pattern is from here from Sarah if you would like to make some of your self. I think its a great pattern, and they work up fast the little hearts. Think they are a very nice decoration for Valentine`s Day.

 Have a nice day!


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