Monday, 7 January 2013

Panda, Bunny amigurumi and Baby booties...

Thanks God Xmas time is over, things are slowing back down again, so I could sit down again and Crochet! 
Made a cute panda amigurumi, a bunny a doggy head.. some coasters and TAM TAM moment...I`m on my way to learn how to crochet adorable baby shoes and booties. Already made one pair, have done half pair Mary Jane `s too. The toys and coasters are already up in my Etsy shop, take a peekaboo! ->

Isn`t this just awwwwww?

The only part where I do scratch my head is the sizing. I looked on the internet, LOTS of places and all say different. If I would have a baby would be easier... ( sighs and looks at partner).. :D
So I decided just to go in description with the actual sole length as "size", no better idea. If you have any tip's, please SHARE with me :)

And as I was today working on my blog desing, I decided it is time that I look up directory's to include my self, and craft blogs. 
The first one what I met is the UNIVERSAL CRAFT DIRECTORY by CraftyRie at Decided to add my blog, can`t harm, right?


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