Thursday, 25 October 2012

Never give up

I taught my self crocheting after I moved to England trough internet. Was not easy but I made it! At the same time I was trying to learn knitting too but seemed to complicated. Now after nearly 2 years i took out my kniffy knitter..yes i had one.. and made a scarf! And that made me want to learn to knit again, so I st down again for nearly a week and started learning. Well let me present to you what I am working on at the moment!

Sorry for the bad quality took picture in hurry. 

Now I am having a little more on my needles, will post new pictures later. The pattern is called Old Shale, it is a beginner open work, lace pattern. Fell in love with it, so i needed to learn knitting hehehe. I hope at end it will turn out nice, and will find a sweet loving home!

I will still knit some rows You have a Good night!

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