Friday, 19 November 2010

Japanese crochet and other things...

I'm trying to collect as many information i can... slowly even thinking on learn Japanese .but meh, who would teach me :( . 
And prolly I don't have a "handy" Japanese reading friend.

2本どり - 2 standarts at yarn same time.

号 - nummber - 4/0号 = number 4/0 = 2.5mm needles
 needle_size.gif   - needle size

15目 x 8.5段 

目 (me) is a counting word used with things like stitches
段 (dan) means ‘row’

模様 - pattern

11 目1模様  - 11 st 1 pattern repeat

わ - magic loop

 increase.gif- incrase
decrease.gif - decrase
times.gif - times

段め – round 

Increases and decreases are listed  #-#-#.

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